Getting Real

Life isn’t always a walk in the park, and yet it’s full of lessons. I think it’s important for us to share the stories of the significant things we’ve enjoyed and endured. Stories spark lights at the end of each tunnel we’re traveling through and I hope the stories and thoughts I share here add some light to your current journey.

The 7 Year Itch

There are phrases often thrown around when it comes to marriage. For example; 'the ball and chain', 'once you get married say goodbye to your sex life', and 'the seven-year itch'. Wikipedia describes the Seven-Year Itch as 'a psychological term that suggests that...

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Happy Half Birthday!

Hip hip hooray! Today is my half birthday! Yes I know what you're thinking, today is Valentine's day, and no my husband and I don't celebrate it. Because, duh, it's my half birthday! And today has an extra cause for celebration: the launch of my new website and the...

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How God Healed My Broken Heart

On Thursday the 13th March 2008, I wrote a journal entry that started like this, “It was supposed to be our one and half year anniversary today. We broke up on Sunday.” Now this break up came after a 6 week break, where we were still technically together (Facebook...

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Fashion and Identity

So many people in my life don’t understand why I love fashion so much. Why does it consume my everyday life, and why do I let it affect my mood and outlook for the day? I would say I’m a fairly creative person. I love showing off who I am, and how I feel by what I...

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