About Me

My friends say I’m honest…brutally honest.

But that’s OK, because when you’re with me, you’ll never have lipstick or food stuck on your teeth, or your tag sticking out of your shirt.

I am obsessed with my birthday, because duh… presents! And because life is worth celebrating. Oh, and there’s cake too.

As much as I love my birthday and being the centre of attention, I love celebrating others. Life is too short to not encourage someone else and high-five them for their hard work. I love knowing that something as simple as buying the coffee for the person waiting in line behind you just might change their view on the world. Because you never know what someone else is going through.

Some people may think my confidence is arrogant. But I just really like who I am, and I will stick up for myself if someone tries to shut me down, because I think I’m great! Loving yourself isn’t arrogance, it’s having self worth.

I am pretty much always happy… like a little ray of sunshine bringing light to the darkness, always trying to make every situation a little brighter.

I love embracing people for who they are and where they are in life. And even though my values and my beliefs may differ from theirs, all I want is to see everyone living their best life and being the best version of themself.

Ash Leung
Ash Leung
Ash Leung

So, what do others say?

Here’s a fun exercise: ask a bunch of your friends to describe you in a phrase or two. The focus should be positive. See what they come up with, write it down, and read over it when you need a pick-me-up. Read below for what a few of my peeps had to say when I asked for their help to write the little piece about me above!

Authentic, fun and a friend who will always tuck your tag in or tell you there is lipstick on your teeth.


Epitome of sunshine, radiating warmth, brightens the darkness, unveils the truth hidden in the shadows and is a constant source of cheer and happiness. She is sunshine.


The most positive person I know, always glass half full and making the best out of every situation.

Spike and Jaz

A little ray of sunshine.


Exceedingly generous, joyfully creative and abundantly encouraging. Your internal strength creates a safe place for everyone who encounters you, and especially for vulnerable people.


You are fun, always in style, honest (sometimes brutally), organised – you think of everything! And you are so loving and so generous.
THOUGHTFUL: You always think of others. You are ENGAGING and make people feel known or understood. You listen well, and remember well. Shows you care.
REAL: You are HONEST, with not just your words but also how you portray yourself. You are RELATABLE. COMPASSIONATE.


A fun and energetic straight-talker with a huge heart.


Standing beside people, living a life that Empowers and Celebrates the individual’s journey; embracing each individual for who they are and what they hold, encouraging both stability and growth. She’s a ‘dance in the rain’ kind of person, but also beautifully anchored in being someone who lives a life that is goal-driven, present and leads by example with kindness.


Ash is beautiful. She has a confidence that is rare for these days that isn’t arrogant or prickly. She’d tell you the truth if you asked. Ash is interesting as most girls might feel intimidated, yet the moment you start chatting you realise she’s just sweet and happy to just chat about anything. She forces me to get over myself.


Ash Leung XO