Let's Face It

I love everything from a mascara that gives you that false lash look, all day stay lip sticks and a highlight you can see from the moon. Here is where you’ll find a little peak inside my makeup bag. You’ll get my beauty tips and tricks, and sometimes some skin related topics that go a little further than just skin deep.

The Make Up Mask

I know this is something that has been spoken of many times before.  But I’m kind of passionate about it. Makeup is NOT a mask. But many of us use it as one. We look in the mirror and hate what we see, dwell on the imperfections, and judge ourselves. Now I don’t know...

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Husband Does My Makeup (Video)

So I thought you would all enjoy meeting my husband. And what a better way than by him doing my makeup! A natural talent, or a hilarious disaster? I hope you find this informative!...

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