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Now that you’ve got your starting point with Fashion Foundations (if you haven’t already read it, click here), you can get all the insight on why fashion is ah-mazing! Here you can see what I love, what’s of the moment and thoughts on how fashion can play a big role in representing who we are.

Styling My Thirtieth

My birthday, is pretty much, no scrap that - IT IS the best day of the year! I love my birthday so much that August 15th is the most depressing day of the year for me because it is the furthest day away from my next birthday. There are a few reasons why I love my...

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1 Day 1 Outfit 3 Events

We've all had those days where everyone decides to have a party on the same date. 99% of the time I say yes to the first invite and politely decline the rest. But sometimes they are people, and parties you can't say no to. I had one of these recently, and each meant I...

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Stripe Up Your Life

Stripes are something that will never go out of style. I am obsessed! To say half my wardrobe is stripes is in no way an understatement. And we have the French Navy to thank for it. Dating back to March 1858, they came out with their new uniform with 21 navy and white...

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Fashion Travel Diary – Final Installment

So it’s been a hot minute since my last post, and if you don’t watch my YouTube videos, you would have no idea where I’ve been. But I’m finally feeling creative enough to put up something new. And what better than to finish off my FTD. So if you’re reading this and...

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Fashion Travel Diary – Day Five & Six

Day Five: October 26 Today was yet again another travel day, and the first day of beautiful sunshine we had seen since arriving to America. We got up bright and early to leave Austin for our drive back to Dallas. We got their with enough time to have lunch at In N...

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Fashion Travel Diary – Day Four

Day Four: October 25 It’s race day! Our friend Spike is racing in the Porsche Supercup, and the Austin F1 is on!   After yesterday’s down pour, we decided on the way home to go to Walmart to pick up some waterproof jackets in an attempt to keep dry. So with that...

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Fashion Travel Diary – Day Two & Three

Day Two: October 23rd So today was supposed to be a really easy travel day. Taking the roughly 3 hour drive from Dallas to Austin. Well that turned into over 6 and a half hour due to rain that was so horrible at one point we couldn’t see 3 ft in front of us, and an 18...

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Fashion Travel Diary – Day One

Day One: October 22nd To say today started off as a breeze is a complete fabrication! Thank goodness for concealer and a half decent Latte (no flat white was to be found – BOO!) as lack of sleep the night before we flew out to Dallas, and the 3 hours of broken sleep I...

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