Fashion Travel Diary – Day One

Oct 22, 2015

Day One: October 22nd
To say today started off as a breeze is a complete fabrication! Thank goodness for concealer and a half decent Latte (no flat white was to be found – BOO!) as lack of sleep the night before we flew out to Dallas, and the 3 hours of broken sleep I got on our 16 hour flight hit me hard!
So trying to work out what I felt like wearing became a struggle. My trusty phone told me it was going to be a pleasant 24 degrees … with 84% humidity! Say whaaaaat????
So as I was taking my sweet time, the husband went out to AT&T to get our SIM card working, and within minutes of him leaving I got a text saying, “It’s actually chilly outside, you’ll be comfortable in jeans.” What a lifesaver! So I slipped on my jeans, and ran out the door for a day of being a tourist!
My arms always get cold, so I knew from the beginning of the day I was going to slip on this long sleeve cotton black & white stripe top. It’ll stay cool if it’s hot, and I didn’t get too cold either while the wind was a-blowin’ in the morning. And who can bypass stripes? Not me!  “Hi, my name is Ashleigh, and I’m addicted to stripes.”
My jeans are high waisted, knee ripped skinnies that I’ve worn a thousand times, and are extremely comfortable – perfect for the JFK trolley tour, the JFK Sixth Floor Museum, some EPIC Texan BBQ at Pecan Lodge (where the pictures were taken) and a little shopping at one of the local shopping malls.
I’m always minimal with my accessories, so my all black matte The Horse watch, my wedding rings and my current go to handbag (which is really the only bag I brought with me, besides a smaller bag for going out at night). My sandals are just simple black ones – they’re not my favourites (those ones broke 2 weeks before our holiday – waahhhhhh!). These happened to be the only other black sandals I own and the outfits I packed called for black sandals!
This outfit did the job right – I felt comfortable, it was practical and I looked cute (if I do say so myself).
So tomorrow is another day, another outfit, and more adventures to come!
I’ll hope you’ll come back and check it out!