2017 In Review

Dec 31, 2017

As the afternoon hours turn into evening on this summer afternoon, I sit here at my kitchen table and ponder what 2017 looked like for me.

It was probably one of the hardest years I’ve had, but God used those tough times to teach me how strong I can be. While most of this year felt really rough, I wanted to share 5 of the moments that impacted me most in 2017.

1. On my half birthday, I launched this very site you’re reading this on, www.ashleung.com and created my new branding. None of that could have been done without The Other Dimension (who built the site), Zandelion (who created my branding and logos) and the support (and late nights, trouble shooting tech stuff I don’t understand, being my photographer most the time, etc…) of my loving husband. I’m so proud of my website, it’s exactly how I wanted it and it’s just so me. I’ve utilised this site to share some really raw moments in my life, and I’m excited for what lies ahead for Ash Leung.

2. I turned 30!!!! I know, hard to believe right!? Even those that barely know me know I am completely, 1000% obsessed with my birthday!..did you get the part where I launched this site on my half birthday? A lot of people helped to make it exactly how I wanted. It sparkled with rose gold, I had all my favourite people and the attention was all on me! It was my best birthday yet, and I can’t wait for what my 30’s will hold!

3. Our journey to start a family. Although this journey started many, many years ago, this year was when everything was put on fast-forward. Sometimes you don’t realise how badly you want something, until someone else holds it in front of you. And when we had friends earlier in the year fall pregnant, it felt like utter devestation for ourselves, knowing that in almost 7 years of not using contraception we had never fallen pregnant. The day those friends shared their wonderful news, was the catalyst for not only seeking medical advice, but for seeking after God like I’ve never done so before.

4. Fasting. After the above happened, Adam and I decided to fast. And I’ve done fasts before, but never because I really felt I needed too, only because it was something my entire church was doing. But I needed breakthrough, I needed to hear God, and I needed to feel His presence like never before. Now, I can’t say I got the breakthrough I wanted because God’s timing is best and He obviously has a plan that I can’t see, but it was a time of me purposely pushing into Him, and drawing Adam and I closer on what has been the hardest hill to climb in our marriage.

5. IVF. 4 days before Christmas, after being on a 4 month waiting list, we met with an IVF specialist after being referred by our GP. The short of it is, we will be starting our IVF journey in early 2018! As excited as I am, I’m also a little nervous. But I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone other than the man God placed in my life, my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and the love of my life. And if our babies read this one day, we love you already, we have been praying for you daily, and we cannot wait to be your mummy and daddy!

Looking back on 2017, I feel like God was building a new foundation, to prepare us for what is to come, so bring on 2018!

So as you party tonight, may you remember all the good times of 2017, and may you grow from all the hard times. Praying blessing over your 2018, and as always #BYOB